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Society for Family Health Rolls Out Flex Condom Plus Five Exciting Variants.

Head of Marketing, Social Business Enterprise, Donald Etim, Managing Director, Sir Bright Ekweremadu, Head of Sales and Distribution, Mrs. Jane Adizue and Deputy Managing Director, Social Business Enterprise, Dr. Omokhudu Idogho

Society for Family Health Rolls Out Flex Condom Plus Five Exciting Variants in New Identity to expand choice of condom brands available to Nigerians.

LAGOS, NIGERIA – OCTOBER 31, 2017: Society for Family Health (SFH), Nigeria’s leading indigenous not-for-profit organization implementing programmes in reproductive health, HIV and AIDS prevention and treatment, maternal and child health in Nigeria; today launched five new variants of Flex condoms into the market.

Beyond high performance, the Flex condom with new logo and distinct visual identity aims to expand the choice of condom brands available to Nigerians. Brand Flex is positioned to address the emotional needs of a unique set of consumers: They are Young, adventurous and trendy. They enjoy an Active fitness lifestyle. They Treasure a life of fun; seek, like most humans, maximum pleasure from sex, revel in the fulfilment of upward mobility, and generally want adventures without risks! While most of them are aged between 20 – 35 years old, they are broadly Married and Singles and Ready-to-Mingle! These are the folks Flex is designed for!

The new variants include Flex Classic condoms which are ribbed and strawberry flavoured designed to provide extra sensation and heightened pleasure while Flex Brown Sugar condom is a premium studded and chocolate flavoured condom for maximum stimulation and thrill.

Others include Flex Spice premium latex condom which is an ultra-thin and strawberry flavoured condom designed to provide that natural feel whereas Flex Pleasure Unlimited condom is a unique premium bubble gum flavoured condom offering extra pleasure and maximum delight.

The Flex Treasure Island is a combo pack of all flavoured variants: Flex Spice Condom, Flex Brown Sugar condom and Flex Pleasure Unlimited condom, offering three matchless delights in a box and Stamina Condom brand is a Lidocaine–treated condom offering longer lasting excitement.

The Flex Classic, Spice and Brown Sugar Condoms, offer a unique combination of flavoured and textured condom at the same time creating extra spice and enhancing sexual delight and is the first of its kind in Nigeria. These variants appeal to a wide range of individuals with different personalities; the adventurous and heightened pleasure seeker; the flavour appeals to romantic lovers; as well as the conventional and predictable ones.

Speaking at the media launch, the Managing Director/CEO, Society for Family Health Nigeria, Sir Bright Ekweremadu, said, “The new Flex condom packs the best of precision manufacturing and stylish design with top class craftsmanship and functionality to deliver extra sensation for maximum pleasure. With its unique performance and boasting of the internationally tested latex, we predict that these new products will be accepted by discerning consumers”.

Flex condoms offer protection against sexually transmitted diseases as well as prevent unwanted pregnancies and are available for different personalities making it the ideal choice for young and old sexually active males and females.

Flex condoms comply with NAFDAC and International standards. Each batch of Flex condom is electronically tested both at the manufacturer’s world-class laboratory and here in Nigeria in a condom laboratory by Federal Ministry of Health staff. For instance, it is a fact that Flex condoms stretch ± 7 times its own length before breaking.

Flex condoms are manufactured abroad and by one of the biggest condom manufacturers in the world, Thai Nippon Rubber Industries (TNR). TNR is a WHO Pre-Qualified manufacturer for condoms and the condoms – including our Flex brand – are made to very high and demanding international standards. In addition to being a leading global manufacturer of premium condoms, TNR is also one of the world’s leading suppliers of natural rubber latex, thus ensuring that our condoms – the Flex condom range – are produced from the best natural rubber latex.

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