Partners, Donors and Investors

SFH as a global organisation works with and is being funded by a variety of bilateral and multilateral agencies

Our work with public sector partners has contributed to the successful implementation of health projects across various communities in Nigeria.

SFH has extensive experience managing Social Marketing and Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) programmes with donor-funding in the sub region. As proof of SFH’s capability, in 2005, SFH became the first Nigerian NGO to receive a direct award from the U.S. Government. SFH is also the Principal Recipient for Global Fund, USAID grants, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, DFID, World Health Organization (WHO) and Canada International Development Agency (CIDA) grants. SFH is also sub-recipient for Global Fund awards for Nigeria, DFID grants, USAID grants, CIFF grants, UNICEF grants, and Rockefeller Foundation grants.