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Intervention Areas

SFH Nigeria focuses on six major health intervention areas that are critical in improving the health of Nigeria’s most vulnerable families and communities

Our Success Stories

There is No Bliss in Ignorance: Ade’s Story
Ade, East Side’s Manager, had lived in Okoko for over 10 years and when the Strengthening HIV Prevention Services for Most at Risk Populations (SHiPS for MARPs) programme began its behaviour change interventions in Ibadan, Ade revealed later that he’d been afraid that the nature of his job and risky sexual behaviours may have exposed him to the virus and as a result had refused to find out his HIV status because it was better to live in ignorance than deal with a positive result. Upon receiving his result Ade’s relief at being negative was palpable. He vowed to follow through with the risk reduction plan agreed... Continue Reading...
A modern method improved My Lifestyle- Adeola’s Story
Mrs Adeola, 34 years old trader and mother of four who is based in Benin City had never used a modern method of contraception. Two years ago in her shop, she had a chance meeting with an Interpersonal Communication Agent(IPCA) under the Women’s Health Project which aims to reduce the incidences of maternal mortality, by expanding child spacing options, particularly longer term methods such as IUCD and implants among women of reproductive age (18-45 years). The IPCA had advised her to take up a modern method but Mrs Adeola was not prepared to. She said “I have always had a clock work menstrual .... Continue Reading...
Osiogwe's Story
I am Osiogwe Ilegogie and fondly called ‘Solutions”. My community, Ologbo was one of the regions in Ikpoba-Okha Local Government Area of Edo State, Nigeria where implementation was carried out and I am a living witness of its impact many years after. CIPHAC aimed at creating, strengthening and supporting the adoption of healthy reproductive and HIV prevention behaviours among the poor and Most At-Risk Populations (MARPs) in selected states and thereby contributed to reinforcing the national response to HIV & AIDS prevention in Nigeria... Continue Reading...
Adama's Story
Adama Dahiru of Kwale Community of Tudun Kwaya ward in Billiri Local Government Area never saw the need for ANC attendance during her past pregnancies and so when the VHW in charge of community visited and talked about the benefits and importance of ANC, she was reluctant to confirm and disclose the age of her pregnancy. When the VHW visited a second time she met Adama’s mother in-law who listened keenly to the messages on nutrition and personal hygiene during pregnancy. The VHW also discussed danger signs to look out for during pregnancy and talked extensively on the importance of birth preparedness. The mother in-law secured permission... Continue Reading...

The impact We’ve made so far

Insecticide Treated Nets distributed (2014 - 2021)
Disability Adjusted Life Years averted (2019 - 2021)
Unintended pregnancies averted (2019 - 2021)


Our projects are specialised activities we carry out to enable us to meet our goals in our intervention areas. Our projects are executed, supervised and monitored via our 16 field offices all around Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).


Integrating FP & PHC Services Expansion in Community Pharmacies & Patent Proprietary Medicine Vendors (IntegratE) 2017-2021 The IntegratE project is a four-year project co-funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Merck for Mothers

Delivering Innovation in Self Care (DISC)

With Funding from the Children Investment Foundation Fund (CIFF), SFH is currently implementing the Delivering Innovation in Self-Care (DISC) project. The primary objective of the project is to scale up quality self-care options, starting with

Lafiyan Yara Project

The Lafiyan Yara (Well-being of children) is a three-year project funded by AIDSFONDS and fully implemented by SFH in partnership with the Institute of Public Health (IPH) of the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU). The project


Gold Circle (GC) Classic
Gold Circle (GC) Condom is SFH Nigeria’s pinnacle product; marketed since 1986 for dual protection to encourage family planning and prevent Sexually Transmitted Infection in Nigeria. The pack with NAFDAC REG. NO 03-0003 contains four solid latex condoms sold at a subsidised price; “Strong for maximum protection, sensitive for maximum pleasure”.
Topmal Anti-malaria
Topmal Tablets antimalarial drug is used for the treatment of acute, uncomplicated malaria infections due to Plasmodium falciparum in patients of 5 kg bodyweight and above. The different variants are TopMal 20/120mg and TopMal Double strength 80/480mg Tablets.
Lubrica Lube
Lubrica is an effective water based condom lubricant. Lubrica eliminates unpleasant friction and eases vaginal dryness that might lead to discomfort or pain whilst creating a sensual experience. Its major component is glycerine, which makes Lubrica, slippery, gentle, and easy to clean up. It available in a 59ml bottle which holds about 20 applications.
WaterGuard Plus®
WaterGuard Plus® is a Safe Water System technology in a unique powder formulation which in just half an hour, a capful turns 25 litres of water into clean, safe and drinking water. WaterGuard Plus is available in a 180gram bottle that contains a powder mixture that destroys harmful bacteria, protozoa, and other germs that cause water-borne illness.
Flex Condom
Flex Condom, presented in original form plus 5 additional variants: Stamina, Spice, Pleasure Unlimited, Brown Sugar, Treasure Island. If used correctly every time you are about to have sex they are highly effective at preventing pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs ) Gonorrhea and Syphilis.
From an antagonist to a strong advocate of Family Planning story.
A young woman 22 years of age, 4 years in marriage and a mother of 2 girls, living with her husband in Amaru community, a rural part of Zaria LGA, Kaduna State.
IntegratE interviewed her on how her views of family planning changed so
dramatically within a short period of making contact with one of the trained providers.

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