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SFH Nigeria and other major stakeholders of Nigeria’s health, movie and entertainment industry gathered at the 2017 Nollywood Health and Entertainment Summit. This year’s Theme: Live to Reap” was fitting to achieve the summit goal to raise awareness to information and access to health care and health related issues with an aim to relate with the Nigerian celebrities as advocate and ambassadors of responsible healthy lifestyles.

At the vibrant event, Bright Ekeweremadu Managing Director spoke “we recognize the strategic importance of Nollywood and the creative industry to influence adoption of healthy behaviours. An influence we understand is capable of creating awareness on health issues and challenges, informing policy and behaviour change; addressing negative cultural and religious sensitivities, myths and misconceptions that undermine the health and wellbeing of Nigerians especially women and children’s health.”

At the event SFH provided for an on ground HIV testing site. The Minister of Health Prof. Isaac Adewole also visited our exhibition stand where all SFH product were showcased including the spanking new Flex Condom. The event was very well attended by a host of actors, musicians, health fitness experts and practitioners who all play an important role influencing the wellbeing of Nigerians.

Did you know that Since 1998, Society for Family Health Nigeria has engaged the film and media industry to promote health messages and adoption of healthy life styles across various health theme covering HIV/AIDS, malaria, diarrhoea, maternal and child health, family planning? These have been in the form of radio and TV drama series, radio and TV adverts to disseminate health messages and sensitize people on adopting healthy behaviours. These include: One thing at a Time (Pidgin), Odenjiji (Igbo), Geri Muna Fada (Hausa), Abule Oloke Merin(Yoruba); radio magazine programmes aired twice weekly across radio stations in the 36 state and FCT.

See some of these videos on SFH Youtube page:

By:uka Ugoh Nkiruka

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