Success Stories

SFH Journey to the Hills of Gembu: Bringing Hope to the Communities We Serve

By Aisha Dadi, Alhaji Bala Yakubu, Isibhakhomen Ikhimiukor

Beautiful Mountains of Gembu

In the heart of North Eastern Nigeria lies the beautiful state, Taraba, a land of lush greenery scenery. Amidst this beautiful terrain, The Society for Family Health (SFH) continues to provide support to children, adolescents, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers through the Lafiyan Yara project.

The Lafiyan Yara project, co-funded by Aidsfonds and ViiV positive action Breakthrough Partnership in collaboration with the Taraba State Ministry – State AIDS Control Agency (SACA) and State AIDS and STI Control Programme (SASCP) seeks to ensure paediatrics, adolescent, pregnant women and lactating mothers who are living with HIV have access to quality life. The project leverage and work with the community to ensure no child is left behind. The project uses the UNICEF Service Delivery Framework – locate, link, treat and retain Strategy to ensure infants, children, adolescents, and pregnant women in the community have access to quality care.

As an organisation strongly committed to its vision of ensuring healthy live for all, SFH recently showcased its dedication by embarking on a journey to the Sardauna Local Government Area (LGA) in Taraba State. Led by the passionate and dedicated Programme Manager of the Lafiyan Yara project, Aisha Dadi, the SFH team paid a courtesy visit to the Chief of Mambilla, Dr. Shehu Audu Baju II. His Majesty, with warm hospitality, welcomed the SFH team and graciously shared the history of the Local Government Area. He spoke of the peace and harmony that permeates every corner of his domain, where the people of Gembu, live in unity and welcome others from Nigeria and neighboring Cameroon with open arms. The monarch further explain that Nigeria and the state is yet to tap into the tourist opportunity the local government will avail to many people who want to experience a natural and serine environment.

The Chief wholeheartedly expressed his support for SFH’s mission, recognising the invaluable contributions they bring to the community. He believed that SFH’s efforts and interventions in empowering the local population could pave the way for a brighter future, especially to the poor and vulnerable.

Lafiyan Yara Programme Manager, Aisha Dadi at the Chief’s Palace

The SFH team, deeply moved by the Chief’s warm reception and the community’s spirit, promised to continue their unwavering support. Their commitment to travel to the farthest corners of Taraba State, even the hard-to-reach communities, demonstrates their determination to ensure that their interventions reach those who need them the most – the people for whom SFH exists.

SFH’s work in Taraba State goes beyond mere provision of Pediatric, Adolescent HIV services and Prevention of Mother to Child Treatment [PMTCT]. It is a celebration of culture, a tribute to the harmonious coexistence of different ethnicities, and a commitment to empower the communities they serve. By embracing the local customs and traditions, SFH has established a bond of trust with the people, ensuring that their efforts are met with enthusiasm and cooperation.

SFH’s dedication to the well-being of families resonates strongly in the hearts of the people. Their journey to Sardauna LGA, other surrounding environment, and the meeting with the Chief of Mambilla has not only solidified their presence but has also opened the doors to a future where healthcare and culture intertwine, making Taraba State a shining example for others to follow.

SFH’s work in Taraba serves as a proof to the power of unity and compassion. It is a reminder that, beyond providing medical care, SFH fosters a sense of community and belonging, where everyone can thrive, irrespective of their background or ethnicity. As they continue their journey, SFH carries the hopes and aspirations of the people they serve, leaving footprints of positive change in every heart they touch.

Aisha Dadi and the team in Taraba State