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Society for Family Health (SFH) Collaborates with Local Government Health Departments to Enhance Healthcare Quality in North East Nigeria

By Adamu Bashir Bashir and Musa Ibrahim Biu

In a proactive move to elevate healthcare services, the Society for Family Health (SFH), under the USAID-funded Health Resilience of North East Nigeria (HeRON) project, conducted quarterly assessment sessions in conjunction with Local Government Areas (LGAs) Health Departments. The session, held from August 14th to 18th, 2023, gathered key health personnel, SFH-HeRON staff, and LGAs’ officials to evaluate healthcare progress.

The main objective of these sessions was to appraise the advancement of healthcare services’ quality across Yobe State’s Fika and Potiskum LGAs, as well as Borno State’s Bayo, Biu, and Kwaya Kusar LGAs. The discussions centered around addressing Quality-of-Care gaps that were identified in HeRON-supported facilities. These gaps that hinder the achievement of optimal healthcare quality were revealed by the assessments and supervisory visits from April to June 2023, by SFH-HeRON.

One of the standout accomplishments resulting from this collaboration was the addressing of the challenge of dwindling healthcare personnel in SFH-supported facilities. Notably, the Borno State Government took decisive action by deploying 52 healthcare workers to HeRON-supported facilities in Biu, Bayo, and Kwaya Kusar LGAs. Yobe State followed suit, with the National Primary Health Development Agency strengthening skilled birth attendance through the addition of healthcare staff.

Moreover, proactive measures were put in infection prevention and control which includes provision of additional hand-washing stations, sanitation supplies, and promoting hygienic environments receiving a boost through partnerships with the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) unit. This led to the construction and maintenance of boreholes in health facilities and communities which have significantly contributed to improved water supply and elevated hygiene standards.

The ongoing collaboration between the Health Resilience of North East Nigeria (HeRON) project and the Local Government Health Departments reflects a promising transformation in healthcare quality. The achievements showcased during the recent assessment sessions underscore the potency of collaborative endeavors in surmounting healthcare obstacles. These initiatives play a pivotal role in empowering communities, expanding healthcare access, and strengthening the resilience of North East Nigeria. As HeRON continues its dedicated mission, these achievements spotlight the potential of purposeful healthcare initiatives, illuminating a brighter and healthier future for the region.

The Hon. Chairman of Kwaya Kusar LGA and participants during the session