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Ogun State insecticide treated nets mass distribution commence

The Society for Family Health (SFH) in collaboration with the Nigeria Malaria Elimination Programme (NMEP) and Catholic Rescue Services (CRS) with funding support from Global Fund has commenced the mass distribution of the 3.7 million Long-Lasting Insecticide Treated Nets (LLIN) across all twenty LGAs in Ogun State. The mass net distribution is one of the key activities of the Insecticide Treated Net campaign (ITN).

This year’s net mass distribution campaign differs significantly from the state’s previous mass net distribution due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. As a result of this, the door-to-door strategy is being implemented to curb the spread of Covid-19 and sensitise citizens on the virus while distributing the nets. The door-to-door strategy is aimed at distributing treated nets to households across Ogun State. As well as sensitising people on the use and care of the treated mosquito nets with the inclusion of Covid-19 preventive measures messages. The trained Mobilisation and Distribution Teams (MDTs) go from house-to-house to distribute the treated nets. And for every two persons in a household one treated net is given.

Ogun State is amongst the selected states to benefit from the free Long-Lasting Insecticide Net (LLIN) in 2021. It is worthy to note that in 2018 the state had benefited from the free LLIN distribution. The team is back again to replace the nets and provide new ones. The objective of the ITN mass campaign is to ensure that every family in Ogun State sleeps under a treated net. And consequently, be protected from mosquitoes that spread malaria.

So far 2,994,058 beneficiaries have been reached, 1,605,119 treated nets have been delivered, and 624,619 household has been visited. The goal remains to deliver 3.7 million treated nets to the people of Ogun State before the end of September. At Society for Family Health, we remain passionately committed to empowering Nigerians to lead healthier lives!

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