WHP increasing women’s access to Post Abortion Care PAC services

WHP increasing women’s access to Post Abortion Care PAC services

The Women’s Health Project WHP aims to increase women’s access to Post Abortion Care PAC services and increase modern contraceptive prevalence rate among people in Nigeria.

The long and reversible contraception services from our network facilities have been effective achieving the following results; IUD provision recorded 5,934 insertions, this is a 109% national achievement against set target. Of this number of IUD insertions, 199 were post-partum (PPIUD). A total of 2,092 insertions were recorded for contraceptive implants which represents a 213% achievement of national target.

A total of 217 interpersonal communication agents work in their catchment communities to create demand for franchised services in the network facilities. They were able to reach 48,275 WRAs from which 22,559 (32%) accepted referrals and 14,901 clients actually visited the franchise facilities for family planning and other services. The project also sold 1,200 tablets of misoprostol, distributing them to franchise clinics for post abortion care services.

The team attended a 2-day national reproductive health technical working group meeting coordinated by FMOH. In the meeting partners made presentations on their activities which were followed by robust discussions on the pertinent reproductive health issues in the country and exploring ways of developing synergy towards realizing set national objectives.

There was a training of trainers in Jos University Teaching Hospital on LNG-IUS insertion and removal (a SIFPO sponsored program), about 18 health providers from public and private hospitals were trained as master trainers.

The Ugandan team of PACE Uganda and the Ministry of health comprising of 4 persons came for a study visit on misoprostol distribution for post-partum haemorrhage. During the visit they held a 1-day workshop in Abuja with key public stakeholders from Sokoto and Kaduna states on community misoprostol distribution for post-partum haemorrhage. Professor Ejembi who has conducted a lot of researches on the subject was also on hand to make presentations and provide expert opinion to the Ugandan team on their scale up mission.

We look forward to the launching of Mistol- SFH brand of misoprostol on the 25th of April 2017 as well as establishing statutory field activities such as demand creation, SSVs, medical detailing calls and misoprostol for post abortion care clinical meetings would be carried out as stated in the field work plans.

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