Success Stories

Steps of Triumph: Khadija’s Journey from Fragile to Fearless with Micronutrient Powder


By Muhammad Mutual Ibrahim, Grace into James, Gloria shagayia, Fatima B. Muhammad, Abu Oshioke, Omileha Odey

Khadija Musbahu, an 8-month-old baby girl residing in a vibrant suburb of Kaduna, found herself facing an unfortunate twist of fate. Unlike many infants, Khadija had not received the invaluable gift of exclusive breastfeeding, leading to poor nutrition and gradual wasting of her tiny frame. Unable to crawl like other children her age, Khadija’s journey seemed filled with obstacles, causing great concern for her loving mother, who yearned for a breakthrough to save her precious daughter. 

It was at this critical juncture in Khadija’s life that an intervention of ANRiN (Accelerating Nutrition Results in Nigeria) appeared at their doorstep. The Interpersonal Communication Agent (IPCA), armed with the Basic Package of Nutrition Services, entered Khadija’s household, bringing with them a ray of hope and a wealth of knowledge. With utmost care and compassion, they counselled Khadija’s mother on the importance of appropriate complementary feeding and wasted no time in enrolling Khadija into the programme. 

Khadija’s transformation was nothing short of remarkable. With the support of the IPCA, she was provided with essential nutrients such as vitamin A and Micronutrient powder, accompanied by a comprehensive guide on their daily use. The impact was immediate and astonishing. During subsequent visits, the IPCA observed a significant improvement in Khadija’s health status. Her appetite had been rekindled, vitality radiated from her once-frail body, and the remarkable moment arrived when she took her very first steps, leaving her family overjoyed. 

At just 11 months old, Khadija had already defied the odds, mastering the art of walking ahead of her peers. Her mother, brimming with joy, attributed this miraculous change to the transformative effects of the Micronutrient powder. However, even in the midst of her gratitude, Khadija’s mother playfully expressed a single concern, stating, “Khadija is now eating too much!” The words were accompanied by a warm smile, a testament to the immense gratitude she held for the ANRiN project and the immeasurable happiness it had brought to their family through Khadija’s miraculous recovery. 

News of Khadija’s extraordinary journey spread like wildfire throughout the community, igniting a renewed sense of hope in the hearts of families grappling with similar challenges. The ANRiN project, propelled by Khadija’s remarkable story, garnered even greater support, expanding its reach to touch the lives of countless other infants and their families. 

Today, Khadija continues to thrive, surrounded by a loving community that cherishes her as a living testament to the transformative power of proper nutrition and compassionate care. Her footsteps serve as a beacon of hope, lighting the way for other families in their own battles against malnutrition.