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Water Africa, the international fair on water treatment and waste water technology, took place at the Abuja International Conference Center from 14th – 16th November 2017 . Due to factors such as the increasing population in line with an inadequacy in the water supply and sewage technology especially in the countryside, awareness-raising campaigns and investments in this area are urgently needed. In this context, the exhibitors of Water Africa present the latest products, services and technologies in terms of wastewater treatment, urban drainage, channel construction, water treatment plants and inform additionally by means of seminars and a conference. The West Africa Building and Construction Exhibition is arranged parallel to this exhibition, which can generate valuable synergies to the goal of this event.

Society for Family Health Nigeria and her partner Klorman Solutions (a division of Control Chemicals (Pty) Ltd, is a South African based developer and manufacturer of proprietary water treatment chemicals and disinfection systems) were present to showcase its innovative water treatment technology  for both home, industrial, agricultural and hygiene use. This was also an opportunity to meet with other stakeholders who shared a similar goal  of making clean water systems available to Nigerians.

The hall was filled with water experts, as well as building and construction engineers who exhibited technology and products based on the ever increasing need for water in building and construction project across all segment and regions of government.

This also marks significantly SFH Nigeria presence in the water treatment business. This is in line with its strategic objectives to empower the poor and vulnerable to adopt healthy lifestyle thereby enhancing their lives. Currently, SFH Nigeria distributes WaterGuard Plus as a point of use water treatment product nationwide.

Water Africa is an annual event hosted in different countries with exhibition and seminars holding as a parallel session, where up to date and innovative technology and informative, thought provoking insights are discussed. This year’s event organized by ACE event management, featured important topics as it relates to pipe borne water, water sanitation, water pipe constructing

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