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SFH is a member of the UN Global Compact

Society for Family Health Nigeria is a member of the UN Global Compact and we are committed to upholding the core values within the Global Compact.

We pay attention to Human Rights issues and pointedly avoid and refuse to be involved in any activity that encourages any form of slavery, human trafficking and gender abuse.

SFH abides by intentionally acceptable labour codes and frown seriously against forced labour or child labour and other forms of abuse of the rights of minors.

As an organisation, we are an equal opportunity employer of labour. We promote gender priority and have very strong views against sexual violence in the workplace.

Society for Family Health recognizes the importance of environmental sustainability and the challenges posed by climate change and is continuously working towards raising awareness of environmental issues and encourages participation in projects that are eco-friendly.

We are an indigenous organisation with strong international networks and collaborations. For us to play successfully in this space, it is required that our governance structure is comparable in policy and practice with leading peer organisations globally.

We expect all our contractors and partners to adopt the same high standards of Integrity, Professionalism, Accountability, Collaboration, Entrepreneurship and Respect that we are governed by as an organisation.

SFH maintains transparent financial processes and has zero tolerance for corrupt and fraudulent activities.

Our management understands the ethics of human centered leadership and works collaboratively with staff and partners to promote sustainability of interventions in health and human development.

For further information and clarifications please email SFH at and the appropriate personnel will follow up with you.

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