Nigerian: 400 Million condoms annually

A couple of weeks ago, the Internet was agog with the news that Nigerians use about 400 million condoms per annum. This came to light when the Managing of Director, Society for Family Health Nigeria, by Sir Bright Ekweremadu unveiled the brand new Flex condom. While many of the remarks by Nigerians simply suggested that it was outrageous, only few shared our perspective that it was actually, insufficient.
To further enlighten Nigerians, we have taken into consideration a number of factors; the Nigerian population, percentage of sexually active Nigerians and percentage of male condoms used to derive estimates on what should be the substantial amount of male condoms used in Nigeria every year!!!

Let’s do some quick maths. (Remember, the goal is not to arrive at exacts but estimates).

The Nigerian Population
The World Bank holds an assumption that the Nigeria growth rate is 2.6% (World Bank 2017) [1] and in applying this growth rate as contained in the last National Population Commission Report (NPopC 2006) [2], Nigeria is estimated to have a population of 186,245,762 as at 2017.

Sexually Active Nigerians
Based on the above population forecast, the average sexually active age in Nigeria is from age 15- 49 years which is about 49% of the Nigerian population (90,705,265). Since sexual acts are largely between two persons (unitary pairing), we divide 90,705,265 couples by 2 to arrive at 45,352,633 men of the sexual reproductive age.

Male Condom Use
Now, how many of these 45,352,633 men are sexually active and use a condom? Well, 60% are sexually active (NDHS 2013) [3]. While 29% of men are reported to have ever used and are still using a condom (NARHS Plus II 2012) [4].

Male Condoms Needed Per Year
To attain the total condom needed per year, we will multiply the above derivations by an average no of 120 sex rounds which is the standard CYP measurement associated with condom use to arrive at 932,268,714 condoms needed by Nigerians per annum.

There you have it, actually Nigerians should be using nearly a billion condoms per year !!!


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