Nigeria Governors’ Leadership Challenge Grant Management (NGLCGM)

The Nigeria Governors’ Leadership Challenge Grant Management (NGLCGM) is a grant by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, designed to recognise those Executive Governors whose States demonstrate the highest performance against 12 key polio and routine immunization indicators during 2012. It is expected to span over 20months (October 2012 to June 2014) where the highest performing state in each geopolitical zone, as well as the most improved State nationally will receive individual grants of $500,000.

Guiding principles of the programme include:
• Grants must be used to implement projects that contribute to the achievement of health-related Millennium Development Goals (1, 4, 5, 6 &7). These projects would be determined by each Winning State Governor.
• Projects not allowable in the Challenge include Communications, trainings (not Primary Health Care focused), building of central cold stores and vans, purchase of MRI equipment, fund uncompleted projects, etc.
• Winning States are eligible for an additional grant amount up to $250,000 contingent upon a matching contribution from the State Government. In other words, State Governments can be availed a total of $750,000.

The Society for Family Health (SFH) as the implementing partner has the role to administer this grant on behalf of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and work closely with the Nigerian Governors Forum and the Winning States to support the selection and implementation of successful health projects through embedded Technical Assistance, monitoring and quality assurance.

Programme coverage
These projects essentially spans through the Seven (7) Winning States from the six geo-political zones which include (To be Updated)

Programme Goal and Outputs
• To promote the people of the winning States and recognise the work of Governors whose States demonstrate dramatic impact in stopping polio and improving routine immunisation.
• To motivate Governors to be interested in eradicating crippling polio and be proactive in dsraising polio/routine immunisation rates.
• To promote competition among governors aiming at improving the lives of people & health indices in their States.
• To encourage commitment to stop transmission of paralyzing poliovirus by end of 2012 and re-affirm Abuja Commitment (Feb 2009/Sept 2011) to eradicate polio in Nigeria.

Broad programme Approach and Strategy
The Executive Governor or appointed State Focal Person (SFP) will work directly with SFH and the State Government in the process of project selection (through a desk review), planning and implementation. An embedded Project Consultant will work with each State Focal Person to create a comprehensive implementation work plan, monitor and supervise through the life of project with support of SFH Territorial Managers (TM).

Programme Management SFH TMs will oversee the project and ensure that State Consultants monitor all aspects of project implementation including verifying milestones, collating progress reports and work with State partners to ensure quality assurance and timeliness of completion of project.