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Mother-in-law’s Prompt Response to Facility Attendance

Mother-in-law’s Prompt Response to Facility Attendance

The Village Health Workers interactions with clients is supported by the male and female group interpersonal sessions which is specially designed for mothers’ in-law, husbands and traditional/religious leaders. Messages that highlight the roles of these key home decision makers are discussed with the two groups in order for permission and necessary support to be given for the pregnant and nursing mother to access and practice lifesaving MNCH services. Generally, there has been an improvement in the uptake of skilled MNCH services as a result of the activities of the VHWs and group IPC consultants.

Adama Dahiru of Kwale Community of Tudun Kwaya ward in Billiri Local Government Area never saw the need for ANC attendance during her past pregnancies and so when the VHW in charge of community visited and talked about the benefits and importance of ANC, she was reluctant to confirm and disclose the age of her pregnancy. When the VHW visited a second time she met Adama’s mother in-law who listened keenly to the messages on nutrition and personal hygiene during pregnancy. The VHW also discussed danger signs to look out for during pregnancy and talked extensively on the importance of birth preparedness.

The mother in-law secured permission from her son for Adama to attend her first ANC. She was 20 weeks pregnant at the time and was accompanied by her mother in-law to the health facility in Tudu. The husband supported the trip with N200 of which Adama spent N20 on registration, N50 for Urine test and N50 on HB testing.

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