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Introducing Our NCD Basket

In Nigeria as at 2018, NCD prevalence was 29% with cardio vascular diseases taking the lead at 11%, cancer at 4% and diabetes at 2% (WHO, 2018). While communicable diseases remain the primary cause of death in Nigeria, the country is currently facing an increase in the burden of NCDs with premature mortality from NCDs estimated at 22% (Relief web, 2019).

SFH in partnership with Novartis Access is set to lead the Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) drug market by providing access to premium quality medication at disruptive prices. This game changing partnership is borne out of the need to ensure that Nigerians in the lower wealth quintiles are not further impoverished by NCDs.
To reverse the growing prevalence of NCDs in Nigeria, SFH in partnership with Novartis Access is providing drugs for treatment of various NCDs at very affordable prices.

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