Improving Access to NCDs Management in Nigeria (Access-N)

Society for Family Health with support from Novartis is implementing the Improving Access to NCDs Management in Nigeria (Access-N)” project. This project focuses on strategic behavior change communication for NCDs and improving the quality of NCDs services delivered by health care providers in private and public health sectors. The project activities will be implemented over a one-year period in 14 selected LGAs across Imo and Kaduna States.

The project seeks to empower communities to make informed and healthy choices, increase disease knowledge, improve care seeking behaviour, and facilitate access and linkage to available treatment options, products and services working in the private and public health sectors for two key NCDs namely – hypertension and type 2 diabetes. The project interventions will empower communities with disease knowledge, prevention information, treatment options and strengthened referral services.

A hub and spoke approach will be adopted by the project for participating health facilities in catchment areas within the selected LGAs; a hub will provide comprehensive NCD management services while the spokes will provide some level of basic NCD services and referral to the hubs, where necessary. The hub and spokes will be within a cluster. There will be one cluster per LGA to be used for this phase of the project.