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“A Modern Method … Improved My Lifestyle”- Adeola’s Story

Mrs Adeola requested she remained anonymous

(SFH Territory, Benin)- Amid its overriding benefits, natural methods of contraception still prove ineffective in estimating precisely when a woman is fertile, this deficiency has resulted to increased chances for unplanned conception for mother’s like Mrs Adeola who has a high preference for natural methods since she embraced motherhood.
Mrs. Adeola, 34 years old trader and mother of four who is based in Benin City had never used a modern method of contraception. Two years ago in her shop, she had a chance meeting with an Interpersonal Communication Agent(IPCA) under the Women’s Health Project which aims to reduce the incidences of maternal mortality, by expanding child spacing options, particularly longer term methods such as IUCD and implants among women of reproductive age (18-45 years).
The IPCA had advised her to take up a modern method but Mrs Adeola was not prepared to. She said “I have always had a clock work menstrual cycle which I believe will never fail me in calculating my safe period.” Nevertheless, she took the phone number of the IPCA.

The Healthy Family Network Facility where Mrs Adeola received uptake of a contraceptive method.

A few months after meeting with the IPCA, she discovered that she was pregnant as the natural method she had relied on, this time did not provide adequate contraceptive cover. Mrs. Adeola decided to take up modern family planning service immediately after she put to bed.
Few weeks after delivery she visited a private clinic, from her enquiry she discovered that the required fee for an Implant service was steep. Mrs. Adeola immediately recollected her encounter with the IPC the went through her contact list searching for the IPCA’s phone number. She had remembered the number was saved as family planning. She quickly put a call through to the IPCA who linked her up to one of the 300 Healthy Family Network facilities, where an implant was administered at a fair cost.
She was very grateful and said “I feel so happy and fulfilled because I now have peace of mind. All I need now is to focus on my business and take care of my kids. I will also advocate to women around me to take up modern method of family planning which is more reliable than the natural method”.

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