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SFH-Lafiya Yobe State Demand Creation Advisor making a presentation at the Lafiya Close-out Meeting (photo credit: Baba Yusuf)

By Farouk Musa Yusuf, Nura Nasir and Winifred Kwaknat

SFH Lafiya ASRH/ECD project implemented at the federal level and five target states of Kaduna, Kano, Jigawa, Yobe and Borno celebrates the successful completion of the project deliverables as the Concept Note 4 (CN4) phases close on 31st March 2023. Through the partnership with national and state key actors within the government’s health and education MDAs, the project has successfully rounded up the CN4 phase achieving ALL contractual deliverables. The project achievements, successes, key lessons learnt, and recommendations have been showcased across the 5 target states through the conduct of CN4 close-out dissemination meetings.


Major achievements of the project include the following:

  • Establishment of over 90 secondary schools linked to 80 primary health care facilities through sensitisation (at school clubs) and referrals.
  • Capacity building and establishment of a pool of state master trainers in ASRH ECD across 5 Lafiya state
  • Mobilization and referral of over 10,000 adolescent and young persons (including persons living with disabilities) to take up ASRH facility-based services across the 5 Lafiya states
  • Strengthen FP/ASRH and ECD documentation across the 5 states through routine data validation meetings to ensure accuracy and completeness for both DHIS and SFH MIS use.
  • Establishment and strengthening of AYTWGs/RHTWGs across the state to monitor the progress of FP and ASRH/ECD implementation across the states
  • Support Kaduna state to review outreach microplan tools with inclusivity for AYs and PWDs
  • Development of the first draft of national guidelines for adolescent health programming for emergency response.
  • Development of the first costed implementation plan in Yobe state.
  • Development/review of FP blueprint/cost implementation plan across 5 Lafiya state.
  • Development of implementation plan and M&E framework for the Jigawa state AYHD policy developed in LAFIYA CN3.
Cross-section of Participants at the Lafiya Close-out Meeting in Yobe State

Lafiya SFH team will continue to provide remote support towards ensuring the inclusion of its approaches into the 5 states’ Annual operational plan and the operationalisation of the existing technical working groups while waiting for the next phase which is expected to commence by April 2023.