IAS 2023 Brisbane Coming Up!

Society for Family Health (SFH) is delighted to join colleagues at the International AIDS Conference in Brisbane, Australia and virtually in the coming week (23-26th July 2023). With the conference coming on the heels of the UNAIDS 2023 global update, scientific updates will be presented at the conference which will surely continue to mark a potential turning point towards “The Path that Ends AIDS” and to achieve epidemic control, ending stigma, overcoming inequalities, and the global health field at large.

In the whiplash of strings of announcements and headlines from IAS 2023, it’s vital to understand how much is at stake at this moment. Many scientific updates, plenary discussions and decisions will have impact on our communities, funding, and policies to sharpen the global goals and global health equity agenda. However, the grave question we pose in the balance: which way and discussions will policies, programs and investments come together for equitable access? It is up to us to follow the discussions and support conversations that will shape the future of the global response to HIV.

SFH has continued to contribute to the HIV response for almost 40 years through innovative strategies and engaging in policy discussions for prevention, care and treatment to achieve viral suppression. Using a community centered approach in research, communication and behavioral science have also offered us opportunities to improve and deliver health outcomes for people living with HIV.

There is enormous work ahead, and it will require that every community we serve have access to life saving medications, prevention tools and the right information to be available in a marketplace of choice. This must integrate the involvement of all stakeholders, including civil society, to hold each other accountable.

Join our team at IAS2023, follow us on social media and watch this space for new opportunities to come together and shape what happens next.

Register for the full conference and the pre-conference here.

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