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The Society for Family Health (SFH) Learning and Development (L&D) Centre is a training centre set up by SFH with the aim of building the capacity and improve the competencies of staff members and the public for better effectiveness, professionalism and efficiency in the delivery of their duties. SFH strongly believes in the power of well trained and skilled staff in the success of any establishment and is therefore committed to the development of staff for this purpose
Our Mission is to support organisations in building the capacities and improve the competencies of staff members and the public for better effectiveness, professionalism and service efficiency through innovative and value-added modern training methodologies to improve the overall performance of their organisations. We are committed to the professional development of staff members to be useful to themselves, their organization and the nation at large.

The SFH L&D centre was established in 2014 with an initial focus on building the managerial and administrative competencies of its employees using SFH’s in-house capacities. However, this has been expanded to include the provision of training services to members of the public, especially those in the public health sector. SFH is currently in discussion with some leading Nigerian Universities to partner with in the award of a post graduate degree (Masters in Public Health) in Health Research, monitoring and Evaluation. Under this arrangement, SFH will serve as the distance learning center for these institutions. Other degrees will be explored with time. The L&D centre has also been repositioned to serve as a CPD provider for several professional bodies such as the Nurses and Midwifery Council of Nigeria, the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria, the Community Health Practitioners Registration Board, the Pharmacy Council of Nigeria etc. Faculty members are drawn from a pool of experienced and professional in-house staff as well as members of the public, training institutions and the university community.

Since its inception, the L&D centre has facilitated the training of a large number of SFH junior, mid-level and senior managers in several administrative and managerial courses in and out of the country. Trainings are usually conducted in-house, but a few of the staff have benefitted from off-site trainings using other training institutions. These trainings have been of great help in strengthening the capacities of staff in the discharge of their roles and also position them for higher level functions.

SFH L&D courses are now open to the public and individuals or organisations can now arrange for training for their staff members by registering.

SFH L&D Training

Society for Family Health’s Learning and Development Centre trains National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA) and 7 State Agencies for the Control of AIDS on Proposal Development
Society of Family Health Learning and Development Centre (L&DC) led a 4 day training for staff of @NACA and selected SACA staff on proposal development. The training which had the theme: Grants and Proposal writing, had in attendance 19 staff of NACA and SACA from various states.

The event which started at Ishakool hotel, @Garki 2, FCT, on May 7, started at exactly 9’oclock am, with Selema Akuiyibo who is an Advisor in SFH’s Business Development Team speaking on ‘Knowing who you are as an organisation”. The Director of the LD&C at SFH Dr Entonu Peter discussed skills and knowledge required to obtain grants.
The event took even more exciting turn, when the Managing Director of Society for Family Health, Sir. Bright Ekweremadu, walked to the podium to talk about the processes involved in winning proposals. His lecture, which was based on his extensive experience over the years and the organisation’s success at winning grants from multiple bilateral and multilateral organisations was the highlight of the 2nd day the event.

Participants acknowledged the skills gained and promised to put all the knowledge learned into good use in their states.

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