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The SFH L’ Series – 1st Edition

The newsletter serves as reference material on recent health researches communicated in simple languages easily understood by programme managers and policy makers without losing the

The SFH L’Series – 2nd Edition

Society for Family Health, Nigeria in partnership with Population Services International (PSI) averted 5,924,788 Disability Ad-justed Life Year (DALY) in year 2012 based on the

SHiPS News Vol. 1, Is. 1

Nigeria has the second largest HIV burden in the world. While HIV prevalence is on the decline, with 4.1% of the adult population infected, there

SHiPS News Vol. 1, Is. 2

Building systems involves ensuring that strategic policy frameworks exist and are combined with effective oversight, coalition-building and regulation…

SHiPS News Vol 1, Is 3

Summarily, logistics management, a component of supply chain management, is focused on determining goods to supply, where or how…